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Top 5 Podcasts for Facility Managers

If you haven't searched for "facility management podcasts" on Spotify lately (where are you searching?), I'll fill you in: there are many results, but I could only find 14 podcasts that directly talk about Facility Management and are active in 2024. This doesn't mean that you will not find value in podcasts that are not active or in older episodes, but for this research, I focus on podcasts that were active in 2024.

Full disclosure: I'm doing this research to bring valuable content to facility managers and, as an additional benefit, create brand awareness for my company All Pro Resources 

Do you listen to podcasts?

If not, here's an analogy: Radio is like watching a live TV show, while a podcast is like watching a show on Netflix - you can choose what you want to listen to and when.

The top 5 by number of episodes:

  1. Work Place Innovator with 297 episodes.

  2. BUILDINGS with 166 episodes.

  3. Asset Champion Podcast 125 episodes.

  4. The Modern Facilities Management Podcast with 111 episodes.

  5. Connected FM with 37 episodes.


The top 5 by rating (Calculated between Spotify and Apple Podcast):

  1. Work Place Innovator - 4.9 starts

  2. The Modern Facilities Management Podcast - 4.9 starts

  3. Asset Champion Podcast - 4.75 starts

  4. Connected FM 37 episodes. - 4.75 starts

  5. BUILDINGS - 4 starts

Offers real-world insights from top facility management & workplace leaders on how to use tech, talent and tenacity to create the best workplaces on earth. Powered by Eptura™, The Workplace Innovator helps corporate real estate, facility management, IT, and HR leaders design incredible “friction-free” workplace experiences that fuel employee productivity, tech innovation and optimal space utilization, today, and tomorrow.

Presents the latest developments and practices in facility management from energy management, lowering operating costs, maintenance of commercial buildings, life and safety, sustainability, green issues, project management, security, building performance and much more.

The show where facilities management professionals discuss new trends, strategies, and insights in the industry. From hospitality, to commercial real estate, we'll learn what it takes to be successful in facilities management!

The “Asset Champion Podcast” offers candid conversations with some of the industry’s most successful asset management leaders. In each 20-minute episode, host Mike Petrusky talks with guests about emerging trends in asset management for fleet, construction, manufacturing, and facilities. You'll discover best practices that will help you streamline your preventive maintenance, work orders, inventory, inspections, and more. You'll also get to know each guest on a more personal level and hear their unique perspectives on today’s major shift toward data-enabled operations. Subscribe now to stay informed and get inspired to be an “asset champion”!

A podcast connecting you to the latest insights, tools and resources to help you succeed in facility management. Join IFMA, as we explore new ideas and topics in facility management to help you make sense of the changes and challenges facing the profession while equipping you with the knowledge needed to grow your career.

15 to 30-minute episodes, delivered semi-weekly.

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